There is a special resonance between people + plants. We mirror each other and grow together. We have the ability to tend and care for plants and they, in turn, are able to heal our ailments. When we align ourselves with the ways of the plants, our health is restored and we are able to thrive in our environment.

By relating with plants, experiencing their medicine + learning their language, we awaken to a deeper awareness of Nature's innate intelligence. The ability to learn directly from or understand the language of plants is known as "plant speak." 

Plant Speak Apothecary is the result of over a decade of herbal education woven together with the belief that the ancient practice of healing with plants lives in our bones + the restoration of this memory is our birthright.


Isabel Martinez, L.Ac.

Herbalist + founder of Plant Speak Apothecary

All Plant Speak Apothecary herbal products are formulated + handcrafted by licensed acupuncturist + herbalist, Isabel Martinez. Isabel combines her knowledge of eastern + western herbal energetics with a commitment to sustainable practices by focusing on abundant + locally-grown herbs. 

Many of the herbs in Plant Speak Apothecary creations are grown in our apothecary garden or sustainably sourced in Sonoma County, CA on the ancestral homeland of the Pomo, Miwok + Wappo people. We use only organically grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO herbs + ingredients. All the plants in our products are intentionally gathered + prepared with love + deep respect. ❤︎